MEDIA…is it the new world GOD? or exactly the oppsite of GOD!

THe recent controversy surrounding Mr Khurshid and Aaj Takk that is going on has finally propelled me into starting a blog which I was planning from sometime now!

The main reason being, if Media can use Fredom of Expression whoeheartedly, WHY shouldnt I??

The same question also applied to….if the media can accuse somebody in public domain….Why cant I?? or any Ram, Rahim, John, Jatinder in India?

Well, I like to answer my own question, th reason WE as ‘learned’ citizens of India know very well that is is not good to throw mud to somebody without solid proof. By throwing mud I donot mean to reveal a story or doing a sting…I mean Accusing somebody/anybody. Because, it is only the right with the Judiiciary that can actually Accuse someone of an offence. And I dont think I am COurt. WIsh I was…but I am not…Neither am I a person who is a Suryavnsham of a village(if you happen to see wierd AMitabh Movies, you wil know what I meant here).

The way it was shown, it ‘seemed’ very clear they were accusing a Law Minister of the Country even if they havent ‘directly’ used the word Accuse 🙂

I think there should be a certain protocol one(Media includd) should adhere to, I dont mean legally, but personally!

Also, I have my own personal opinion, if at al Mr Khurshid wanted to do a Scam, would he really want to challenge his image for 71 lacs?? Can some one pls answer this to me.

Surely, Shit happens only in India 😉

This is HD signing off!


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