Ashok..Q khamakha??

Hello All,

Interesting day today for me!

Took a break from office and missed my colleagues. The interesting part however, is that I was watching news about this gentleman Ashok Khemkha.

This guy, he seems a very decent and ‘Imandaar’ guy. Interesting part about him is that he thinks everyone is the same as well, which ‘probably’ is the reason he gets transferred every other day from his office!

In today’s world, I wonder how many of us are willing to live only by ‘Ethics’??

Sure, they are important, but there is always a point/time/situation in life where you go against your ethics. Many people repeat it often, some repeat it less often. But, most of us do it!

You see, the point I want to make is, Singham, is only possible on the Big Screen, not in real life. Real life is different. You cannot expect the world to change over night just because you though so??

Just to end this, I would like to say, in a rather satirical manner that Gandhiji once said ‘Bura matt DEKHO’. What I think he actually meant was, in today’s world, to survive, we need to ‘ignore’ sometimes the devil acts of mankind to lead a normal life!

~End of Post~


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