IAC….Why this Kolaveri D ??

Hello All,

Another sad day in the India story!

I say sad, because of the rise of the ‘populist’ ideology gaining momentum due to recent so called

‘revelations’ by the IAC!

I am not as perturbed by the loss of few hundreds I have had due to IRB share value going down!

But I am more concerned about India’s future as…


What we are looking at is a bunch of people determined to reveal all the ‘bad’ doings of the Neta’s and

the Corporate nexus! What they do-not seem to be realizing is that, they are on a larger context causing

India to come to a standstill


What if one of their revealations cause either a DLF or an IRB or any other locked down??

It has potential to make hundreds and thousands of people working there jobless, maybe even homeless…many sharehplders bankrupt…heartaches…even possible suicides…


Will the IAC be willing to hold itself ‘Accountable’ for such a scenario??

Will the IAC be willing to return my Rs. 500 I lost on the IRB shares I hold?? 😐 (I say this in jest)


I only urge these folks, please do continue their struggle, we definitely need it, but dont try to

create a ‘Revolution’. A revolution which is only based on a Populist principle!

And if you have faith in the Judicial system, pls Sue the people you ‘feel’ have done wrong, rather then throwing mud on such prominent figures in public to get publicised by the news hungry media folks!

!! This is HD signing off !!


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