Politicians or Rowdys??

Watching the video of Mr Modi ‘deliberately’ making a statement about Mr Tharoors spouse as being a
’50 crore girlfriend’, I felt very ashamed mysefl being am admirer of Mr Modi(on the development front)

I mean, what level are these people going just to let the masses have something to laugh about?
What philosophy are the BJP subjecting?
What kind of ‘Hindutva’ allows to cross limits and state a rate to a Woman?

I will not be surprised if some other politicians states tomorrow, ‘pachaas crore hi kaha hai na….pachaas rupaiya toh nahi?’

Such is the level these politicians have dropped themselves to which is very shameful to say the least!

The Indian society, which treats it Women with highest respect, has got politicians assigning rates to women
and that also not being appologetic about it later on!

I was highly UNIMPRESSED by certain Mr Ozha on Times Now today, when he said, “No matter how much the Congress opposes
Modi today, he is surely going to Win the Gujarat election!”. I this the right thing to say on National TV? I mean, if
he is sure to win the election, he can say or do anything? Does that mean, he was sure to win Gujarat elections, so he let the Riots happen, no matter what the Congres said??

It is high time, the politicians(COngress and BJP both) decide to have a certain decorum in the polotical battle that has
just ‘started’ with a long way to go to 2014!
Otherwise, I am sure opportunist people like Kejriwal will have no issues in rightly terming the politicians as ‘Gundas’ as shown in Films!

This is HD Signing off!



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